3 Best Plugins for your WordPress Security

Millions of websites are being built on WordPress because of all the functionalities it offers to owners. Whether you own a private blog or an e-commerce business, WordPress is perfect for you. However, in spite of its offered perks in the industry, it should still be properly protected to ensure that your database and other […]

HTML and CSS for Beginners – Complete Basics

Building websites requires the knowledge of HTML and CSS. They are important because they are considered as the building blocks of websites. Without the two of these, you can’t progress as a web designer or a web developer. If you want to learn JavaScript, PHP or any server-side or client site web scripting/programming language, the […]

PHP for Beginners – Complete Basics

If you want to create dynamic websites, you must have the knowledge of the following: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The first three can be easily learned because they don’t require anything, okay, all you need is a notepad and a browser and you can begin right away. PHP on the other hand requires you […]